About The Game

We at LionAnt created this game for a family in need of your help. It's a simple game with only 8 levels.
We are hoping that this games earnings will ease their pain.

We can't tell you all the things they endured or the struggles they are going thru with their two children. As we promised them.

All we asking is that you will find in your Hart to Bless them.

How the money we get from the game will be spend:
Steam takes 30% of Game Sales.
LionAnt will take 5% to cover cost
The Family in need will get the rest.

The object of the game!

The Adventures of Hendri is a 2d puzzle platform game with lots of fun, to play.

Hendri must save Ash little piggy's. Evade Traps and use your mind to get to them fast. You only have a certain time to do this.

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Game Play Video

Donate To The Family

All Donations got directly to the family in need

We Love feedback and new ideas!

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